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6th Annual Vibrational Astrology Conference Recording Available Now!

All 5 lectures at the 2024 VA Conference are available for $150.

The conference was held one day live online. To those of you who were not able to attend the conference, we now have access to the recording available now.

Michelle Love presented “Heaven and Earth; A Vibrational Astrology Compatibility Analysis.

Christopher Pridham presented the 180-Vibe Chart, 181-Vibe Chart, and 182-Vibe Chart with the assistance of David Wells. Christopher also discussed how you can incorporate Vibrational Astrology into your existing practice, regardless of what you are currently using. Additionally, he led the Cosmic Patterns Research Team in presenting vibrational astrology as part of the mainstream astrology. In closing, 1-Vibe to 360 Vibe Charts were explained.

Starlene Breiter presented “The Magic on How to Change your Fortune for the Year using Vibrational Astrology".

Fei Cochrane Presented the result of her extreme case sampling research on 83-Vibe Chart, 89-Vibe Chart, and 97-Vibe Chart.

You will receive all of the lecture’s links listed above as part of your purchase. As if you were in attendance, you will enjoy and feel the conference by watching the videos.



David Cochrane

How to do quick readings with VA   Seminar Video

4-Hour Vibrational Astrology Quick Readings Seminar Video
with David Cochrane!

Exciting Holiday Season Festive event and a deep dive into using Vibrational Astrology for Quick Readings! This special event falls between the 8 days of Hanukkah and Christmas, and regardless of what spiritual or religious styles appeal to you, we hope you join us for this International Holiday Celebration and Vibrational Astrology Experience.

Recorded: Dec. 19, 2021.
Duration: 4 hours