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What is vibrational astrology?
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What is Vibrational Astrology (VA)?

Vibrational astrology (VA) is a system of astrological interpretation that emphasizes the importance of planetary configurations. Planetary configurations like the grand trine (three planets trine to each other) and the t-square (two planets opposition to each other and square a third planet) are very important. In Vibrational Astrology we can think of the grand trine a "3-beat", "3-frequency", "3-vibration" or "3rd harmonic" because the planets divide the circle into 3 pieces. Similarly a t-square is a 4-vibration planetary configuration. The huge step in Vibrational Astrology is recognizing that planets can be in a 5-vibration, 6-vibration, 7-vibration, or other vibrations. These other vibrations are just as important and powerful as the 3-vibration and 4-vibration planetary patterns that most astrologers are familiar with.

What are the practical benefits of VA? Once you dive into the language of VA there is no turning back for you find that VA is a door to an astrology of the future. With VA we can see the fundamental issues in a person’s life that are not as clearly indicated when we do not see the full symphony of cosmic vibrations that are being expressed through a person.

A trained VA professional astrologer can easily help find the root cause of an issue in a person’s life and help the client solve such issue.

Where does VA come from? Vibrational Astrology was founded and developed by David Cochrane. To understand what VA is, it helps to first look at the historical foundations. VA was inspired by the idea of Music of the Spheres. Since ancient times people have been inspired that the movements of planets create vibrations or sounds that our ears cannot hear but that we respond to. Even Claudius Ptolemy who wrote the classic book now known as the Tetrabiblos, often regarded as the single most important astrology book of all time, speculated on how planetary motions might create a Music of the Spheres.

The great astronomer Johannes Kepler worked intensively to understand the Music of the Spheres and he began looking at aspects between planets as musical intervals and he experimented with what we now call minor aspects. John Addey, a British astrologer, developed a system of astrological interpretation built upon the ideas of Kepler and others. Addey called his system of astrological interpretation harmonic astrology. David Cochrane developed harmonic astrology to a new level which is now known as Vibrational Astrology.

How does this idea of a Music of the Spheres operate in the astrology chart? One of the key concepts of Vibrational Astrology is that we live in a complex world of vibrations. Every color we see is a vibration! Every sound we hear is a vibration! The different notes of the musical scale are different frequencies. The different colors we see are different frequencies. We live in a complex tapestry of vibrations. According to Super String Theory everything is ultimately vibration. In many mystical and religious traditions there is also an emphasis on the fundamental nature of vibration.

In astrology vibration is also fundamental. Every aspect between planets is a vibration. A trine aspect (120 degrees) makes a 3-vibration, like a waltz. A square aspect (90 degrees) is a 4-vibration and is a basic driving rhythm of life. The exciting breakthrough in Vibrational Astrology is that we have discovered how the intricate tapestry of cosmic vibrations affects us. These findings are confirmed in research studies and the results of applying these ideas in your consultations and chart readings are stunning! Using the breakthrough discoveries in Vibrational Astrology we can pinpoint what a person’s talents are in a way that is not possible using only zodiac signs, houses, and standard aspects between planets. The rules for chart interpretation are simple but the precision and accuracy of the interpretations are amazing.

The key thing to know to appreciate Vibrational Astrology is simply that there are more aspects than the conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile. There are quintiles (1/5 and 2/5 of a circle) and septiles (1/7, 2/7, and 3/7) and these aspects are not minor. Once we understand how to analyze and interpret these aspects we find that we can describe a person and understand a person at a level of detail that was not possible before. There is a beautiful and intricate tapestry of aspects between planets that describe the melody of our lives and the way we live.

If you are unfamiliar with Vibrational Astrology, we strongly recommend that you attend the Vibratiol Astrology Preconference on Friday morning and afternoon. The Preconference will provide you everything you need to know about Vibrational Astrology.


What can I do after receiving my VA Certificate: As a VA Certified Astrologer

  1. You have recognition for your expertise, knowledge and training in Vibrational Astrology. This certification is widely recognized as the standard for professionalism in Vibrational Astrology and is a prestigious accomplishment. This certification places you in the lineage of founder and pioneer of Vibrational Astrology, David Cochrane.
  2. You can teach, write books, open your own school, and be a speaker at the VA Conference. You have the opportunity to become a VA teacher that is FVA-approved.
  3. Become a part of the vibrant VA Community.
  4. Your name and bio will be posted at the Avalon website as one of the Professional VA Astrologer with a link to your website or list of services and contact information.


What is the VA Community About?

The VA community consists of a wide range of people involved in consulting, researching, writing and teaching Vibrational Astrology. This is a diverse community with a wide range of skills and talents. The VA Community is blessed with many highly motivated and dedicated people. VA is an exciting and dynamic movement, and as a certified VA practitioner, others are eager to learn from you and share their experiences and insights with you. The VA community is an extended global community that works together for the greater good.

The Association of Vibrational Astrologers (AVA) provides a website www.AstroVibe.org for people to learn about VA activities and resources. There is an annual Vibrational Astrology Conference in the first week of March every year. New books, articles, videos and other information is constantly being developed and expanded. The conferences and other ways of networking provide ways to participate and contribute to these developments.


Yearly Vibrational Astrology Conference

A VA Community Event on the first weekend of March every year.

The VA Community comes together yearly in the first weekend of March every year. This conference is a fun and exciting event to attend. It is informative and educational, and there is also a supportive family atmosphere that welcomes everyone. You will make new friends and strengthen existing friendships as well. The latest findings and discoveries are presented, and the information is provided in a way that both beginners and experts in Vibrational Astrology benefit by attending the conference. By attending this conference you will learn more about what Vibrational Astrology is and how it can be applied to many different areas, such as individual behavior and personality, physical and mental well-being, mundane events, etc.


VA Resources:

  1. Books published by David Cochrane
  2. Study Guide Modules Workbook

    FVA Approved teachers can purchase the books by David Cochrane at a wholesale price of 60% + shipping fee. The Study Guides can be purchased at a wholesale price of 75% + shipping fee Teachers must place the order in order to get this discount. Books can be drop shipped directly to each of the student’s address. Teachers do not get commission on direct student purchase at Cosmic Patterns or Lulu.

  3. AstrologyDC’s videos
  4. Study Guide Modules videos
  5. Clarissa Dolphin’s video course material: Available to affiliates
  6. Other Teachers Materials: teachers who wants to share their teaching materials as reference to other students are also welcome. We will arrange with the same commission as other teachers.
  7. Nina Palmer’s website is active posting VA materials. www.planetgirlconsulting.com/about/
  8. Clarissa Dolphine: siderealsoul.com
  9. Christopher Pridham: will be posted soon
  10. Starlene Breiter Website: will be posted soon