A Non-for Profit Organization under the IRS 501(c)3 status

Mission & History

The Avalon School of Astrology supports, encourages, educates, and trains students to become professional astrologers. Our aim is to provide exceptional astrological education and training to the community we serve.

Vision: It's our vision to train astrologers to seamlessly integrate Vibrational Astrology into their practice, thereby enriching the astrological landscape with their contributions.

What we believe: We believe astrology has the power to assist people with their daily endeavors in a clear and compassionate manner, empowering them to live fully and consciously. Astrologers need a strong educational and professional foundation to meet the needs of the clients they serve.

Who we are: We are a team of educators who actively promote growth in the field of professional astrology. Our commitment extends to supporting astrologers in their journey of professional development. Our graduates include astrologers who work in all areas of the profession: leading astrological organizations, working as in-house astrologers for others, teaching, and independent consulting.

Avalon supports all methods of astrological research as a means of advancing the field of astrology.

What we offer: The Avalon School of Astrology offers a foundation using different forms of astrology. In short, we offer the training to create the building blocks you need to become a working astrologer. We’ve created an inclusive, supportive community of learners, many of whom are interested in astrological research. Our annual conference allows students and teachers alike to share their work to a larger audience. We invite all professional astrologers to teach or give lectures at Avalon. We are currently exploring ways to support the astrological community.

We support astrology and essential tools for professional astrologers such as: training, ethics, consulting skills, and research. These are essential tool for professional astrologers. We organize and support an annual astrology conference opportunity. Refer to qualified teachers who provide excellent astrological classes to those interested in becoming professional astrologers. As part of our service, we are also able to refer the community to qualified professional astrology consultants.

The Avalon School of Astrology was founded by David and Fei Cochrane. David has a keen personal interest in education. Fei's degree is Bachelor of Science in Education and supported and has keen interest in David's vision. They both have interest in education and advancing astrology into higher education level through licensed vocational astrology school. This is the key motivator of why Avalon was created.

David pioneered a private elementary school in the 1970's because he felt, and still feels, that education should be an exciting, challenging process where teachers love sharing their knowledge and develop a bond with their students. The school that David helped create over 20 years ago is still in operation today.

With the support and contributions of many dozens of other people, David and Fei's dream materialized. The Avalon School of Astrology emerged. We are blessed to have many creative, talented, and generous people working to make Avalon a very special school. Avalon really is a dream-come-true, and fortunately there are many people who share this dream and we are confident that Avalon will flourish and continue to succeed in making this dream a reality.

Plans to establish a school of astrology began in the late 1990's. The original name of the school was the Kepler School of Astrology but by 2002 when the school was legally founded, another school in the USA, Kepler College, had been established. To keep the schools from being confused with each other, a last minute change to the legal documents was made to change the name to the Avalon School of Astrology. This ended up being a fortuitous change because Avalon became a non-profit school and as a non-profit school needed to develop independently of the Kepler Software and the support of David and Fei that helped establish the school.

The Avalon School of Astrology was established as a Florida Corporation in the year 2002, and in the same year 501(c)(3) non-profit status was granted by the federal government.