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Foundation for Vibrational Astrology A Department of the Avalon School of Astrology

Code of Ethics for Approved Institutions of Vibrational Astrology and Application for VA Certification


Applicants for VA Certification and approved instructors of Vibrational Astrology agree to the following Code of Ethics in all of their Astrological Work.

  1. To do no harm. To perform services with the intent to help and serve the client.
  2. To respect the dignity and worth of every human being in their right to self-determination. To encourage and facilitate the self-development of the client, while also having due regard for the interests and rights of others.
  3. To avoid frightening the client with extreme predictions and to avoid installing false hopes in the client.
  4. To preserve the confidentiality and anonymity of a client and all material relating to a client. To take great care in the publication or presentation of case material and to maintain anonymity unless the client otherwise agrees.
  5. To ensure that the client is made fully aware of the details of the services provided, such as the duration of the consultation and the fees involved before any work is under taken.
  6. To maintain proper professional boundaries with clients, and not engage the client in one’s personal life or develop a sexual relationship while the person is a client.
  7. To continue to learn and improve skills in astrology.
  8. To properly present professional credentials and not exaggerate or make false claims regarding professional qualifications.
  9. To respect all clients and to not discriminate based on age color, culture, ethnic group, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  10. To ensure that potential clients, whose needs are beyond the Competence of you, the astrologer, are referred to appropriate professional individuals or agencies.
  11. To refrain from offering specific medical, legal or financial advice to a client on astrological grounds unless the appropriate skills or qualifications have been obtained.
  12. To maintain the highest standard and professionalism in all dealings with clients and students, and to refrain from behavior likely to bring astrology or the school into disrepute. Profanity should be avoided.


Specific Ethical Requirements:

Applicants for VA Certification, VA Certified Astrologers, VA-approved Instructors and VA-approved schools may lose their VA approval and lose all rights and benefits that are associated with their participation in FVA approved activities and certifications if any of the following occur. In the case of clear or extreme violations the behavior can result in immediate dismissal and/or revocation of any license, authorization, certification or acknowledgement.

  1. Any specific behavior that violates any of the above items (A) through (L).
  2. Plagiarism and any kind of theft of intellectual material and use of intellectual material without proper approval or written permission from the producers or authors of that material.
  3. Copyright infringement.
  4. Any trademark violation.
  5. Unnecessarily aggressive or abusive behavior of any kind.
  6. Discrimination based on religion, sexual preference or ethnicity.
  7. Failure to function as a respectful member of the VA community by unfair or demeaning competitive practices, promotions or advertisements.

An FVA Ethics Committee receives all complaints and allegations and offers an opportunity for arbitration. If arbitration is not successful with all parties involved, the FVA Ethics Committee comes to a determination of what to do and this determination is final.