Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, License #2858

Why Attend Avalon?

At Avalon, you receive hands on training to become a competent and professional astrologer. Read on.....
Given below are several reasons why we think that Avalon is an excellent choice for continuing your studies in astrology:

Excellent Quality of Education

The Avalon curriculum is intensive, comprehensive, challenging, and requires scholarship and excellence. Students do not dwell on the meanings of sun signs for months to the neglect of other subjects. Graduates from Avalon are competent in a large number of astrological methods. Avalon is not a distance learning program. Direct contact with instructors and other students ensures that you are challenged to develop greater understanding and comprehension, and to be exposed to different perspectives and insights. The very high scholarship combined with practical preparation for the workplace gives the student of Avalon a comprehensive and practical education.

Become a Certified Astrologer or Astrological Professional

At the current time there are no required qualifications to become an astrologer. In this regards, astrology is behind almost every other profession. Because there are no clear professional standards in astrology, there are many unqualified astrologers. However, clients and employers often want the security of knowing that their astrologer is properly trained. Also, there are certification programs and there is a growing movement in astrology to develop professional standards. The International Society for Astrological Research, the National Council of Geocosmic Research, and the American Federation of Astrologers have certification exams. Graduates of Avalon will have the knowledge and training to pass these exams if they choose to do so.

Graduate from a Prestigious School that Challenges you to Achieve Excellence

There is a reason why the Julliard School of Music, Harvard University and other Ivy League colleges are prestigious: they provide some of the world's best education and their graduates are experts in their field of study. Graduates from Avalon also will be recognized for their excellence. The founder of Avalon, David Cochrane, is widely recognized for his erudition and both technical and psychological insight. Students of Avalon are expected to study and work diligently to achieve excellence. Avalon is licensed by the State of Florida. It is one of less than a half dozen licensed schools that specialize in astrology in the entire United States!

Enjoy friendship, respect, appreciation, and association with people who care about you!

At Avalon the staff and instructors take a personal interest in your welfare. Students are expected to be respectful and helpful to one another. One thing astrology teaches us is that every person is unique and special, and the challenging studies of Avalon are made a bit more manageable by the support that you receive from others. Gainesville, Florida is a very pleasant place to be. Other than hot and muggy summers, people of almost all kinds will enjoy their stay in Gainesville.

Avalon provides a Safe and Supportive Environment

Students at Avalon may range in age from late teens to the elderly. Students will come from a variety of ethnic groups and different life experiences. All students and faculty, however, share some basic and fundamental values. Avalon is a violence-free, drug-free, hate-free school with caring, hard-working staff and students. Gainesville is a pleasant and safe town, and the school is located in a the very attractive northwest part of the town. There are social and cultural activities like theater groups, local concerts, art festivals, etc. but also open countryside surrounding the town, and the warm Southern hospitality of the local people. If you are a parent of an 18 year old son or daughter who wants to attend Avalon, then safety is likely to be a major concern. If you are the son or daughter of a 80 year old parent who wants to attend Avalon, you are also likely to have this concern. In addition to obtaining an education and training, Avalon provides a supportive and safe environment for students.

Become Part of History, Avalon's Expansion, and the Development of Real Astrology:

Astrology is now gradually making a transition from an unregulated area that is almost completely lacking in professional standards to a respectable profession that can function effectively and responsibly. Avalon presents a positive alternative to the superficial and harmful use of astrology that is rampant throughout the world. Whether you are a student, staff member, or donor to Avalon, you have joined a team of intelligent, educated, mature, and caring people who have the courage to look at the thousands of years of astrological lore and theory to see what relevance it has to our modern world.

Avalon will surely dispel some superstitions and abuses in astrology as well as reveal breakthrough insights that can help us all better understand one another and ourselves. Whether you are a believer in, or skeptic of, astrology, Avalon promotes an approach to astrology that we can all agree is much more helpful, and less harmful, than the popular and superficial approach to astrology that is very common today. Avalon is a success because many people are assisting in its growth and development. Avalon is progressive and innovative in re-introducing an ancient subject to the world, but Avalon is conservative in that it continues the valuable traditions that we enjoy. We embrace the achievements and ideals achieved in modern times such as democracy, freedom, equal opportunity for all, excellence in education, high professional standards, and the advances made possible by the scientific method, and breakthrough in science and technology that have improved our lives dramatically. Avalon continues the example of excellence set by the very best educational institutions in other disciplines such as ivy league colleges, the Julliard School of Music, and many other excellent educational institutions.