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Why Enroll at Avalon PAC Program?

Our mission is to help you become proficient as an astrologer and be able to practice as a professional astrologer. We provide you the training to master a specific set of tools to be able to practically apply the ideas. If you want to master a specific system of astrology and apply it effectively, whether you wish to use these skills as a professional astrologer or not, we think that Avalon is the best school for you. We also train you with specific astrology software that you must own. All astrological analysis is done with astrology software. The software is like the hammer and saw that a carpenter uses. You cannot learn to build a house just by hearing the ideas and you cannot lean to play golf just by reading books and listening to people. You must pick up the hammer, or pick up the golf club, and have a pro work with you, to guide you, and help you excel. This is what we do at Avalon.

Because our goal is to enable you to have professional skills, we do not study in any detail all the various theories and ideas in astrology. We let you know what the other approachees are and how they differ but we do not attempt to understand and use them. It would be nice if we could, but it would be like trying to teach you play piano, guitar, and trombone at the same time. We will teach you to play piano and we will show you what the guitar and trombone look like, but that's it. If you want to dig into using other methods, you can enroll in the TACC program after completing the PAC program or you can learn them at other astrology schools, books. local lectures, conferences, etc.

  • OK, I got it and I like this idea. It fits my needs. But which astrological methods are you teaching?

In our classes that begin in September, 2012 you will learn the system of astrology of David Cochrane. This system relies strongly on the schools of astrology known as harmonic astrology and cosmobiology, but most of the main concepts were developed by David in the mid 1970's and have continued to be refined and perfected for about 35 years. David consulted thousands of clients as a full-time astrologer in the 1970's and then developed software and has conducted research and he continues to consult and teach. He also continues to study with other astrologers and has become proficient in many different approaches to astrology.

  • What's so great about David's astrological methods? Why should I learn his methods rather than someone else's?

Let me give you a few examples of what David has done. In a 2-day seminar in Fort Worth, Texas, David asked if he could put someone's chart up as an example. A man volunteered and David entered the data in the software and looked at a particularly powerful harmonic pattern (projected on a screen so all attendees could see it). The pattern was so powerful that some of the students gasped. One student then asked "What does it mean?" After a short pause David said "massage". You need massages because so much tension builds up. His wife, stting next to him (David did not know that she was his wife), almost fell off her chair in astonishment. She said that she has taken courses in massage therapy because he needs several massages a week amd it is so important. David did not seem greatly surprised by this confirmation and then said he could think of some other things that might help, like martial arts and athletics, including weight lifting. He said he does lift weights but cannot do martial arts. David asked why. The man held up his hand and said he broke fingers in his hand and he can't do it any more. David's next thought was that he wished he had done his chart earlier because the chart showed a warning of this.

In Australia before a group of over 70 attendees, David answered a question from an attendee regarding a configuration of planets in his chart, and a nearly identical configuration in the chart of his two teenage children. David said the image of ping-pong and percussion instruments is what the planetary configuration is like. The man said that both children play the drums. One of them is a girl and one is a boy, which perhaps makes this even more unusual as girl drummers are less common than boy drummers. They also play ping-pong regularly. As with the example given in the previous paragraph, no other astrologer would come up with ideas that are similar to these. To see an example of an interpretation of a birth chart by David click on this link and then select the link to the 4th part of the TV show:

David has also conducted numerous research studies that suggest that these ideas actually work and might be measurable. In fact, some people know David only as a computer programmer and researcher and do not know that he may be even a greater genius in the area of astrological interpretation, consultation, and teaching.

There are an enormous number of astrological systems and methods. As we identify other instructors who have perfected a system of astrology and would like to offer a comprehensive training program to enable students to master the astrological system, we may offer these as well in the future.

Thank you for your interst in Avalon! Please let us know if you have questions, ideas, or suggestions!
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