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Certificate Program Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

To graduate a student must successfully complete 60 credit hours, including 900 hours of classroom time.

To fulfill the requirements of a semester, the student must meet classroom attendance requirements, complete all homework assignments satisfactorily, submit a satisfactory paper that is at least 10 pages long (or two papers that are at least 5 pages long), participate in class in a satisfactory manner, and have an average grade on exams of at least 75%. In the fourth semester the student must demonstrate competency in astrological counseling, speaking, and busines communications. The student must also fulfill all monetary obligations to the school.


Three hour-long exams are given each semester. During the first 3 semesters grades are based only on performance on the exams as follows:

An average on the 3 exams of
95% to 100%A = (4.0)
90% to 94.99%B+ = (3.5)
85% to 89.99%B = (3.0)
80% to 84.99%C+ = (2.5)
75 to 79.99%C = (2.0)
Below 75%F (fail)

In parentheses is given the grade points for each grade. A student's final Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average Grade Points received for all 4 semesters.

A student can request to take a make-up exam if a grade of C+ or lower is received on an exam or the student misses class, but the student must accept the new grade even if it is lower than the first one, and the make-up exam must be taken within 3 weeks of the date the exam was originally given.

Note that in addition to the test scores, students must have adequate attendance and complete all homework assignments for each semester. During the first 3 semesters the entire grade is based on test scores. During the fourth semester, evaluation of the student's counseling, speaking, and business communication skills will account for 50% of the grade, and the exams account for the other 50% of the grade.


A certificate of graduation will be issued to each student who successfully completes the program and satisfies all requirements.