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Foundation for Vibrational Astrology A Department of the Avalon School of Astrology

Certification Exam


Certification Exam

Requirements to take the exam:

  1. The student applies for certification and then an application form is sent to the student. The application form includes a requirement for the student to have a transcript sent from the school to the VA Certification Board.
  2. The student will provide a photocopy of their government-issued ID that includes a photo with the application. Examples are passports, driver's license, etc.
  3. A verification of the ID will be done at the time of the exam.

First 3 Modules are on the exam, which is the same as what we describe as course requirements, EXCEPT not on the exam are:

VA theoretical framework, comparison of techniques with other systems, software features for knowledge discovery (these will NOT be on the exam). These are in course #6. Note that some of the astronomy in Course #6 will be on the exam.

The order of items in the exam will probably somewhat random so the examinee needs to respond to different topics.


How many times can you take an exam:

Can take the exam 3 times and if the examinee fails 3 times, then the examinee must retake any two of the 10 required courses and then can take the exam up to 3 more times. There is no limit to this process.

Proof of taking the two required courses must be provided.

Each time the examinee takes the exam, they must pay the required exam fee.


Format of the exam:

The first 3 courses are equivalent to the first 2 of the 3 Study Guides and would be the morning session of the exam.


Schedule in one time zone:

  9:00 - 10:00 AMExam 1:VA Concepts
10:10 - 11:10 AMExam 2:VA Concepts & Natal Interpretation
11:20 - 12:30 PMExam 3:Natal Interpretation, Astronomy & Ethics
  1:30 -   2:30 PMExam 4:Compatibility, Forecasting & Relocation, 1
  2:40 -   3:40 PMExam 5:Compatibility, Forecasting & Relocation, 2
  3:50 -   4:50 PMExam 6:Compatibility, Forecasting & Relocation, 3


Summary of exam schedule:

1 hour then 10 min break, 3 times = 3 1/2 hours
One hour lunch break (total 4 1/2 hours)
Repeat 1 hr then 10 min break, 3 times = 3 1/2 hours
Total of 3 1/2 + 1 + 3 1/2 = 8 hours.

  • Students receive a breakdown of their 6 grades and the average of all 6 which determines if they pass.


Names of the 6 exams:

Exam 1:VA Concepts
Exam 2:VA Concepts & Natal Interpretation
Exam 3:Natal Interpretation, Astronomy & Ethics
Exam 4:Compatibility, Forecasting & Relocation, 1
Exam 5:Compatibility, Forecasting & Relocation, 2
Exam 6:Compatibility, Forecasting & Relocation, 3
  • Exams are Online only.
  • Schedule of Exams: Once or twice a year probably.

Note that the exam items will change regularly. There will be a large pool of items from which the exam questions will be drawn so that no two exams are identical. Also, the exam will be periodically updated as Vibrational Astrology theory advances and those advancements have had time to work their way into the curriculum of the approved schools.