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Our mission is to help you become proficient as an astrologer and be able to practice as a professional astrologer. We provide you the training to master a specific set of tools to be able to practically apply the ideas. If you want to master a specific system of astrology and apply it effectively, whether you wish to use these skills as a professional astrologer or not, we think that Avalon is the best school for you. We also train you with specific astrology software that you must own. All astrological analysis is done with astrology software. The software is like the hammer and saw that a carpenter uses. You cannot learn to build a house just by hearing the ideas and you cannot lean to play golf just by reading books and listening to people. You must pick up the hammer, or pick up the golf club, and have a pro work with you, to guide you, and help you excel. This is what we do at Avalon.

Because our goal is to enable you to have professional skills, we do not study in any detail all the various theories and ideas in astrology. We let you know what the other approachees are and how they differ but we do not attempt to understand and use them. It would be nice if we could, but it would be like trying to teach you play piano, guitar, and trombone at the same time. We will teach you to play piano and we will show you what the guitar and trombone look like, but that's it. If you want to dig into using other methods, you can enroll in the TACC program after completing the PAC program or you can learn them at other astrology schools, books. local lectures, conferences, etc.

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The TACC, Diploma Program: A Continuing Education Program

For students that complete the PAC program and wish to continue their studies, an additional 10 courses are offered and graduates of these additional 10 courses earn the TACC diploma.

“TACC” stands for Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics. In these more advanced programs the students will discover the essentials of other advanced astrological teachniques and additional consulting training by means of practicum, etc. Students are also required to come to the Avalon Campus to attend some required courses which will be given by means exciting and educational conferences here at the main Avalon Astrology campus.

The TACC program is an adventure into advanced topics and issues after you have mastered a solid astrological system that you can put into practice in the PAC program.


A prerequisite for enrolling in this program is to hace successully completed the Professional Astrologer Certificate Program (PAC)


AGY156: Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology
AGY157: Classical Horary and Electional Astrology
AGY158: Medieval and Hellenistic Astrology II

AMY101: Astronomy
AGY251B: Ethics and Counseling and Consulting Skills (Part II)
AGY202: Practicum and Interpretation

Electives: Students are required to take 4 electives from the following list

AGY256: Practicum II
AGY166: Psychological and Electional Astrology
AGY201: Research Study and Statistics
AGY171: Metaphysical and Scientific Astrology
AGY258: Practicum III
AGY260: Advanced Forecasting
AGY265: Advanced Vedic
AGY270: Advanced Tapestry
AGY280: Special Topics in Classical Western
AGY285: Special Topics in Modern Interpretation
AGY290: Independent Study
AGY295: Research Project
AGY300: Financial and Business Astrology

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