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Our mission is to help you become proficient as an astrologer and be able to practice as a professional astrologer. We provide you the training to master a specific set of tools to be able to practically apply the ideas. If you want to master a specific system of astrology and apply it effectively, whether you wish to use these skills as a professional astrologer or not, we think that Avalon is the best school for you. We also train you with specific astrology software that you must own. All astrological analysis is done with astrology software. The software is like the hammer and saw that a carpenter uses. You cannot learn to build a house just by hearing the ideas and you cannot lean to play golf just by reading books and listening to people. You must pick up the hammer, or pick up the golf club, and have a pro work with you, to guide you, and help you excel. This is what we do at Avalon.

Because our goal is to enable you to have professional skills, we do not study in any detail all the various theories and ideas in astrology. We let you know what the other approachees are and how they differ but we do not attempt to understand and use them. It would be nice if we could, but it would be like trying to teach you play piano, guitar, and trombone at the same time. We will teach you to play piano and we will show you what the guitar and trombone look like, but that's it. If you want to dig into using other methods, you can enroll in the TACC program after completing the PAC program or you can learn them at other astrology schools, books. local lectures, conferences, etc.

The emphasis on empowering students to master astrological techniques and theory and to determine for themselves among the vast historical tradition of astrology what relevance and potential usefulness astrology may have for use as a tool in modern times.

Instructors fully respect the conclusions and views of students, as long as they are based on excellent scholarship and integrity. The Avalon School of Astrology is dedicated to high scholarship, excellence, and the pursuit of truth, and does not engage in promoting one particular philosophical viewpoint over others.

We follow the academic motto, " The Truth Shall Set Us Free".

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CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Professional Astrology Certificate (PAC). Consist of 10 courses, 450 total clock hours

AGY101: Astrology: A Modern Approach. David explains the underlying principles of his system of astrological interpretation. A new perspective on how astrology works and the effects of zodiac signs and houses is presented. The emphasis of interpretation is based on pattern analysis of the chart using harmonic aspects. How to use harmonic charts. The relationship of this system to science and other astrological methods.

AGY103: Essentials of Astrological Interpretation: We perfect our ability to interpret charts by applying the ideas. Students do assignments and share their findings with three other students and the instructor via email. The student learns how to use the astrology software to bring up the important information and how to see the patterns work in the lives of people. Feedback from the instructor and other students helps students master the art of astrological interpetation using this new system of astrological interpretation.

AGY201: History of Astrological Methods: We learn how these methods were developed through case studies and research. The student's understanding of how the harmonic patterns can be used for various purposes in addition to character analysis, such as financial forecasts, choice of profession and career, etc.

AGY151: Harmonics and Cosmobiology. Students perfect the ability to interpret charts combining midpoint structures and planetary pictures with harmonic patterns to obtain a very detailed and specific understanding of the person. Students continue to apply the ideas in the interpretation of charts and share their findings with other students and the instructor. By the end of this course, the student is able to interpret astrology charts to obtain useful and helpful information that otherwise would be very difficult to obtain. The student is now on a path towards professional competency.

AGY121: AstroLocality and Compatibility. The ideas learned in the first four courses are now applied to understanding how the person is affected by different geographic areas and the compatibility of two people in any kind of relationship.

AGY106: 20th and 21st Century Analytical Methods: Students develop professional competency in interpeting astrology charts of individuals, relationships, and astrolocality. Understanding deepens and becomes more sophisticated. Students can begin plans for a professional practice if they wish to.

AGY111: Forecasting Methods. Fast and efficient ways to forecast and see future trends. At the end of this course, students can include some forecasting in their astrological work..

AGY116: Advanced Astrological Techniques: The astrology charts of people with various problems and issues are interpreted so students know how to address various kinds of issues that can arise. Students develop greater breadth and expertise in astrological interpretation.

AGY275: Advanced AstroLocality and Compatibility: We return to the topics of AstroLocality and Compatibility to apply what was learned in the previous classes to the charts of people, and to see how different questions and concerns of clients can be addressed.

BUS101: Business, Communication, and Other Skills: Setting and improving a website, establishing pricing and services, counseling skills and ethics, methods for receiving payment, participating in astrological organizations, writing, teaching, and other services. The instructor will review the progress of students and continue to assist students after graduation to ensure success for those students who wish to have a professional practice.


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