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Certificate Program

To: Avalon Students Enrolling in Classes Beginning April 2015


I am very excited about the classes that will begin the second group of students who will be taking the PAC apprenticehsip program. I want to share with you some thoughts and feelings I have about these classes. I also want to provide some background information that will be helpful and give you some ideas of what to expect.

  • First, let's review the schedule: we will meet online Mondday, and Wednesday evenings from 7 PM to 9 PM eastern time zone. Of course, you should adjust the time to your time zone.

Class orientation (a practice session) will be on April 20, 2015. All enrolled students are required to join this practice session to make sure that you are properly connected to the classroom and can hear me clearly. If you do not have a headset, I strongly recommend that you get one before classes begin because you will be able to hear me much better with the headset than with the computer speakers. Getting connected to the online class is very simple and I will email you details before the class orientation starts. You will see my computer screen and you will hear me speaking, so the classes will be similar to a lecture. There is a place on the computer screen for you to type in questions or comments. All of this is simple so if you do not consider yourself to be a sophisticated computer user, do not worry.

I assume that you are familiar with some of the meanings of the planets, zodiac signs, and you know what the basic aspects (conjunction, opposition, etc.) are. As I explain below, your knowledge of astrology may vary from rather primitive to being one of the world's greatest astrologers. You must, however, have some exposure to at least the rudimentary concepts of astrology to take these classes. If you are not familiar with it, click here to view the AGY101ITNRO to get you started.

  • Goal:
    Now, let's go over what our goals are and what we hope to achieve. My goal is simple: I want you to become proficient at a professional level to interpret charts and communicate what you see from the astrological analysis to others in an accurate and helpful way.

If you wish to be a professional astrologer, I will work with you to develop a professional astrology practice. If you do not wish to practice professionally, that is perfectly OK too. If you are already a professional astrologer, my goal is that what you learn in these courses will help you be a better astrologer.

  • How do we achieve this goal?
    I will train you in the system of astrology that I use, Vibrational Astrology. We are going to focus on depth rather than breadth of astrology. In these classes we will recognize and acknowledge different points of view, but we will focus on one system. We will not learn a great breadth of ideas. We will focus on depth rather than breadth. It would be nice if we could do everything, but most musicians master one instrument and only a few genres of music. Similarly, you will master a system, you will become proficient, and you will feel confident that you can use the ideas. We will achieve this by using the ideas and seeing if they really work. I do not wish that my students accept my system as gospel. I do not even hope that they think my system is better than other systems. It is only necessary to have an interest in learning a very well-developed, clearly formulated, and sophisticated astrological system and to work with it. I ask you to devote several hours to study on your own and apply what you learned in calss after class hours to help me achieve this goal. Together, we will achieve this goal.

Your homework is to use the ideas that I share with you. We will be honest and we will enjoy the adventure. Learning should be fun. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort, but this is a journey of discovery. I am not omniscient and no doubt every student has some special experiences and wisdom that the rest of us can learn from.

So what is this sytem of astrology that you will be learning? I developed the fundamentals of this system between 1972 and 1980 interviewing and consulting about 10 people per week over about 8 years, which totals to thousands of astrological consultations. In most cases I spent hours with each client and I spent many hours studying the chars beforehand testing ideas ranging from Vedic astrology to many different modern methods. I read literally hundreds of astrology books. By "eating, sleeping, and breathing" astrology through this time period a very sophisticated system of astrological interpretation developed. This system is called Vibrational Astrology.

This system is very different from most other systems but it builds upon the ideas of many others. One of the essential ingredients of the system is a reliance on harmonic patterns. Because many of the concepts are different from those used in other astrological systems, students with varying levels of knowledge in astrology can take the classes. Since 1980 I have continued to see clients, but also develop software, and conduct research.

To see an example of how well these ideas work in real life, you may wish to watch the TV show at In this TV show I tell the interviewer amazingly specific details that prove to be true.

How do I do this? Am I psychic? Am I special in some way that I can do this? The answers to these questions are "no". I simply apply the ideas that you will learn, and the ideas work.

Please try not to miss many classes and give your self several hours a week study time. Be in a quiet room where you are undistracted for the 2 hours class. There will be no required books for any of the courses; there will be articles and information provided online that you will read for homework. There are no exams or tests. All students must have the current version of the Sirius superb atrology software. This is important because the emphasis of the course is practical. If you apply yourself to all 10 courses, you will have professional proviciency in this system of astrology by the time you complete the program. To achieve this, we need to be on the same page. When we look at a harmonic chart and notice which harmonic aspect is specified on the aspect line, we cannot spend time fiddling with the program to figure out if it has this feature and adjust orbs, etc. to what we want. We have a mission and we need to be efficient in achieving this mission.

Consider yourself part of a team. I am the team leader and I will guide you through to achieve the mission. I consider our mission a success only if every student who sincerely wishes to succeed does succeed. We will help each other and we will learn from each other. My understanding of astrology always continues to improve. There is no end to the learning process, so I will be learning too. I thank each and every one of your for joining the team. This journey requires time and energy and a financial cost that for some of you is a challenge as well. Our mission will be successful if in the long run every one of us receives back even more than we have given.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you in class.

Love and Blessings,
David Cochrane

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