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Certificate Program

Program Objective:

Train students to be employable in a profession that requires advanced knowledge of astrology and the ability to apply this knowledge competently and ethically. Graduates of the Professional Astrology Certificate Program are also eligible to take the ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) exam to become ISAR Certified Astrological Professionals (CAP).

Students also gain the knowledge necessary to be a practicing astrologer.

Graduates of the Diploma program can apply for the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR) Level IV Certificate.

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The Professional Astrologer Certificate (PAC) program

The PAC program is an online apprenticeship program that is designed to train you to have professional competency in one specific astrological system.

Students who enroll in this program should be familiar with the very basic language of astrology, such as being familiar with the glyphs of the planets and zodiac signs and a simple idea of the astrological significance of the planets, zodiac signs, and houses. Students vary greatly in their prior knowledge of astrology from being familiar with just these basics all the way to practicing professional astrologers. A great range of prior knowledge is possible because the education is focused on one astrological system and the classes quickly advance to an advanced level in that astrological system. The information presented quickly becomes fresh and new for all students. Students with advanced prior knowledge have the advantage that they are fluent with astrological ideas but they also need to be open to a new system of astrological analysis.

Critical thinking and an evidence-based approach to astrology are high priorities at Avalon. We do not simply teach the astrological rules, and show you some charts of famous people or clients that illustrate the ideas. We critically evaluate whether the ideas work by considering alternatives to the interpretation. We also look at the results of research studies. Students share their thoughts and observations on a website forum that is available only to students in the class. Astrology becomes very exciting when you see it work, and by critically analyzing the ideas you gradually become more confident in your astrological understanding.

Each course consists of two-hour classes given two evenings per week for 11 weeks for a total of 44 hours of classroom time. A new course begins every 3 months and there are 10 courses to complete the PAC program. The program is completed in 2 years. The fee for each 3-month course is $400 and the total fee for all 10 courses that comprise the PAC program is $4,000. Students can pay monthly or pay the $400 for each course every 3 months before the next course begins. If you attend classes regularly, spend several hours studying each week going over the ideas, ask questions and study areas that you are having difficulty with, and you have a good aptitude for astrology, you should be able to successfully complete the program. It is very important to apply the ideas on your own and to not just attend classes to get the information. By applying the ideas, you internalize the concepts and develop expertise and confidence.

New students are admitted into the PAC program about every 2 to 3 years so you need to "jump on board" when it is possible to do so. The next group of students will be admitted and a new PAC program will begin in April, 2015. The system of astrology that will be taught beginning is Vibrational Astrology. 9 of the 10 courses will be taught by David Cochrane. Vibrational Astrology is based largely on ideas in harmonic astrology and symmetrical astrology.