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There are many apartments in Gainesville. Avalon does not maintain housing for Students. A list of reliable Realtors and rental properties in close proximity to the School will be provided to the Student that requests housing assistance at the time of enrollment. A list of 9 apartments within a few miles of the school is available, and the cost of a single-room apartment in this group of apartments starts at about $500 per month. All of these apartments are clean, comfortable, and in very safe and pleasant neighborhoods. Sharing a two, three or four bedroom apartment can lower the cost.

There are also many other apartments at a greater distance from the school, and there are also homes that can be rented. Typically a security deposit is required, and there may be other requirements and restrictions. There isn't public transportation available to the school, so we recommend that students have a car or other form of reliable transportation. Students seeking roommates and car pools are put on a list, and may contact one another.

Students are assisted with placement and furnished names and addresses of employment possibilities. Inquiries made to the School from potential employers will be posted on the bulletin board. The School will assist the Student with employment to the best of its ability, but cannot guarantee employment.

A very high priority of the The Avalon School of Astrology administration and teaching staff is to prepare each student for a successful career. During the interview process, each student will be asked what career objectives, if any, the student has. Therefore, from the very outset, the school takes an active interest in the goals and interests of the students, and works to assist the student in achieving his/her career goals.

The Placement Director is responsible for obtaining up-to-date information on career opportunities for astrologers, and in making sure that students receive the education and training needed to meet the current employment needs in the industry. By matching student talents and interests with current job conditions, every effort is made to assist the student in launching a successful career. Instructors are available regularly for consultation with students, and the instructor may consult with other staff members or job placement experts and/or refer the student to these individuals to assist as well. There are many ways in which skills in astrology can be used in a career, and the Avalon staff will help find the path that is best for each student.

Upon successful completion of the program, The Avalon School of Astrology will assist each graduate with job placement; however, The Avalon School of Astrology does not guarantee employment. A Diploma will be issued to each student who successfully completes the program and satisfies all requirements.

The Avalon School of Astrology is not accredited. Avalon is licensed by the State of Florida Commission for Independent Education, but the school is not accredited. Also, Avalon offers a diploma, not an academic degree. Credits earned at Avalon are not transferable to colleges and universities.

There is no legal authority that controls the quality of astrological practitioners. There are no legal requirements or certifications that are required to be able to practice astrology. However, the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) has the most widely endorsed and accepted standards for certification in the United States. There are 4 levels of NCGR certification, and NCGR Level IV is the highest level of certification and indicates that the astrologer is fully competent and adequately trained and educated. For schools that have an exceptionally good educational and training program, NCGR allows graduates to waive the first 3 levels of certification and apply directly for NCGR Level IV Certification. The Avalon School of Astrology is one of the few schools that has been awarded this distinction. Graduates of Avalon are encouraged to apply for NCGR Level IV Certification soon after graduation. The NCGR website is The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) is also developing a certification program and The Avalon School of Astrology meets all of the requirements that are being proposed for this future certification program.

There are legal requirements to practice astrology in most counties of the United States and in most countries. Astrologers, like all professionals, must obtain the appropriate authorization from the local government administration in order to be able to practice. In some counties, the fees to be an astrological consultant may be extremely high, and in some counties astrology is classified with fortune telling and may even be illegal! You must check with local authorities and comply with all legal requirements. In many counties where an old law has declared the practice of astrology to be illegal, a meeting with city officials has been able to reverse or annul this old law. However, such reversals or annulments of laws cannot be guaranteed and practititioners of astrology should be very careful to determine what rules, regulations, or possibly total restrictions on astrological practice are in effect in the community in which you intend to use astrology.

Also note that astrology is not accepted and/or endorsed by most academic institutions and professional associations. Therefore, even if the graduate from The Avalon School of Astrology has upper level academic degrees, there will be very few opportunities to teach astrology in an accredited academic institution.

Also, extremely little, if any, astrological theory is supported by scientifically conducted research studies. There are many applications which require validation such as, for example, the determination of potential applicants for employment. There are federal regulations that require all screening tests of job applicants to be validated with research studies. Astrological analysis at the current time does not meet this standard so consequently it is illegal (and also unethical) to use astrology to screen job applicants.

For the above reasons, astrology is often practiced as a form of education and/or entertainment. To make declarative statements about what will happen based on astrology is unethical.

Records of each student are permanently retained by the school. These records include information regarding the enrollment and attendance, academic progress, conduct, and placement, as well as official transcripts of grades of the student.

Student records are maintained in a fire resistant container, and also saved in a computer file with a backup copy. Duplicate record are kept at a separate location and are available to Students upon individual request. Student records will be provided to potential employers only after written request has been made by the Student.

Grades and progress reports are provided to students within 1 week of taking exams. Exams are administered in the 5th, 10th, and 15th (final) week of each semester. The records of progress and enrollment of a student will also be made available to any student upon request, at no extra charge, within 7 days of the receipt of the request.

Student records are kept on file during and after graduation. Upon graduation students receive a diploma and a transcript of grades and academic performance. After graduating, the student can obtain additional transcripts or copies of the diploma for a very reasonable fee at any time. Student records are confidential and are not released to anyone except to the student or graduate unless written permission by the student or graduate is provided.

The Avalon School of Astrology is a small school and we do not currently have athletic teams or other clubs. We do, however, encourage occasional Friday or Saturday night get-togethers to enjoy a movie and pizza, and also to have informal meeting times to study in groups, discuss interesting topics, invite in speakers on weekends, etc.

Students attend The Avalon School of Astrology because they are excited about astrology and interested in gaining greater expertise, and very often also to gain sufficient skills to be employable. Debates, discussions, projects, and having guest lecturers can be an entertaining break from the very hard work of mastering astrological theory, while at the same time helping expand one's understanding and appreciation of astrology. Of course, all work and no play isn't healthy either, and students can share some free time in games, trips to the springs, and other relaxing activities.

If a student is unhappy with anything related to the school, he/she is encouraged to immediately notify the staff at the administrative offices or the instructor. Every grievance or concern is taken seriously by the The Avalon School of Astrology staff, and whatever measures are needed to help resolve the problem will be taken.

The mission of the school is to educate and train students so thoroughly and comprehensively that each and every student will be sufficiently prepared to be successful in a field that requires astrological expertise, if the student so chooses a career path that requires astrological expertise. In order to meet this mission, students must feel comfortable and fairly treated at all times. If the grievance involves the behavior of another person, a consultation with that person will take place within 2 business days, and if this consultation is unsuccessful, the matter will be pursued until it is resolved.

Below is the list of professional astrologers that graduated from Avalon. These astrologers have the astrological knowledge and expertise, excellent counseling skills, and experience to provide you with the highest quality astrological consultations. They provide guidance regarding concerns, issues, and decisions that you are facing. Each astrologer works independently and you can contact them directly.

Michelle Gould, B.A., M.F.A., TACC Click here for more information about Michelle

Michelle was in our first graduating class and received the TACC disploma in 2006.

Fei Cochrane, BSE, TACC Read More »

Fei was in our first graduating class and received the TACC diploma in 2006. Click here to view more details about Fei

Dave Mockaitis, TACC. Click here to contact Dave »

Dave is the third person to receive the TACC diploma, and he graduated in 2009.

Other Astrologers: